Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Round 2 at Swedish Finished

I have officially finished my 2nd round of my "new" dosage. So far so good. No side effects to report. This week my counts will be a little lower, so I'm trying to stay clear of the sick bay, as its a big flu season as many of you know. I'm heading to Houston next week (21st and 22nd) for a set of PET Scans, and to meet with Dr. Araujo. I'm looking forward to continued good news on the scans, and we will be planning the next few sessions of chemotherapy. I hope to have more updates for everybody once I leave that meeting, in regards to test results, and length of this dose of chemo. Its been great being in Seattle around my entire family, and all the really great Seattle friends that I have. Also big Thank you to all my St. Louis friends who have helped me out tremendously with details back in Missouri, and also being a great support system even from afar. Thank You.

Talk to you guys soon,