Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June Update-20 rounds complete

Hey whats up!

I have gotten several messages recently from friends asking me how I am doing, and its been forever since I updated my blog-so here I am! I just completed my 20th round of chemotherapy last Friday. It's hard to believe that its been nearly a year and a half worth of treatment, and 20 cycles worth. Certainly feels like a heavyweight bout. I should have more of a medical update for everybody here in the next week or so, as I am having a scan done in between the 20th and 21st rounds. My doctor in Houston has been on Medical leave, and doesn't return until July. Its been about 12 weeks since my last scan. As has been the case during this process, I will be praying for continued shrinkage of existing tumors, and no growth or spread to any other portion of the body. I have done 12 cycles of a particular chemo mix, and I'm not sure how much longer I will be on that dose/mix. This has been a really good chemo dose for me, as my energy level isn't tremendously low, side effects have been minimal, and its been great having all of my hair. We want to keep the tumors guessing, so a new dose may be in store. We will see.

May was a good month. A ton of family activities....Martha turned 28, Elizabeth turned 30, my Nephew Henry turned 2, Elizabeth and Tyler's wedding anniversary, we remembered both my grandmother and Tyler's father, and of course mothers day....It seemed liked every weekend we had a party going on. I will post pictures later tonight from those events. I also have enjoyed riding my bike. I bought a bike a couple of months ago and have been riding it a ton, trying to shed some lbs that I have picked up from all the good food, and the steroids that I am taking. Yes its true I am on steroids!! If only I looked liked Fabio and not Flabio! haha.....Anyways, I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of summer. Thank you as always to everybody who keeps sending me messages, cards, emails, texts, etc. The support from friends and family remains so strong, it truly has been amazing.