Monday, March 9, 2009

Round #3

Andrew is back in Houston this week to start round #3 of chemo. Today he has a full body PET scan and then tomorrow he will meet with his doctor to discuss the results of the tests, as well as evaluate the progress so far. Please pray for positive results and small(er) tumors! We will post any new information as soon as we receive it. Andrew will then begin chemo tomorrow afternoon. He will be in Houston for the week then hopefully back in St. Louis to recover for another 16 days. Let's all be thinking about and praying for Andrew this week. He needs lots and lots of prayer during chemo, as well as encouragement and positive attitudes. Please don't feel bad if he doesn't call you back or respond - he stays very focused during the weeks he receives chemo.

We wrapped up selling bracelets at the final Husky game this past Saturday and will post pictures and share the success we had in the next few days.

Andrew loves this picture of his niece Riley. She is sporting her first ever pair of sunglasses. I wanted to start his week off with a smile, as well as yours - - - Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

You can do this Andrew!

Laurie and Alan said...

We're with you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew!

Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you!


Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew - praying for strength and energy this week! How about those Dawgs?!