Monday, May 4, 2009

i'm sure many of you have been checking for an update - sorry for the delay. i guess there is really not much else to report from andrews doctors appointment a few weeks back. everything will remain the same as far as treatment goes. she just switched one of his drugs (not chemo). the doctor was not able to give andrew any more insight as to "where do we go after chemo". she wants to wait and see - take each round at a time and then re-evaluate after each pet scan. we are coming up on round #6 next tuesday may 12th.

andrew has continued to feel well, although he definitely felt that this was his 5th round of chemo. he was a bit more tired and achey, as well as experienced some headaches and mouth sores. other than that, andrew has been working and continuing to stay positive.

i will leave you with a picture that was taken a week and a half ago. this picture includes martha and i's babies, as well as a few of andrew's good friends kids. it's a classic kid picture, isn't it? lots of distractions and nobody seems to want to smile for the camera.

take care and have a wonderful mothers day weekend!

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