Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Results from today's scan

I just have brief details, but only good news came out of today's appointment. Andrew continues to respond well to his treatment and only very few spots in his abdomen "light up" on the scan. This is a huge improvement from the beginning of the year!

The next step is for Andrew to start an 8 week chemo regimen in St. Louis. Right now his counts are not where they should be to start chemo, so he will most likely start in a week or so. Dr. Araujo explains this is normal as his body is tired from the chemo and needs some extra time to bounce back. After the 8 week cycle is complete Andrew will fly back to MD Anderson and have more scans to track his progress. They will then re-evaluate and decide what the next step is at that point.

Thank you for the continued support. Have a lovely day!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic news!!!

K Lew said...

Just thinking of you Drew, keep up the good fight.

Sue said...

Great news. If you need help or transportation while you're in St. Louis, call me. I'm retired and can do things like that.
Sue Reifeiss

neringa said...