Monday, September 28, 2009

Just something cool I saw...


I started chemo today, Day 1 of the cycle in the books. The service continues to be great at Swedish Hospital, I actually got a foot massage today while sitting there getting the chemo. A local company donates a certain amount of hours per month to cancer patients for hand or foot massages, so I lucked out today and the gal was in my unit and I got to get one! yeehaw! Anyhow enough of that, I was just typing on the computer last Thursday night and my mom was watching Grey's Anatomy. There was a scene that I overheard that in its own way reminded me of some very similar conversations that I have had with my doctors, and also some of the feelings that I have had. Now everything is not verbatim of course, but I thought it might be kind of cool to pass along to all of you who follow my blog so faithfully, just a small window into what's going on, but I felt it to be very similar to what I am going through (for now at least!)

Have a sweet week everyone, to bad for the Hawks, and Dawgs this past weekend. But Kudos to the STL Cardinals! Post season bound again!


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