Friday, February 12, 2010

Results Delay and Magic


I actually won't have any results to share until next week. I had to delay my trip a few days down to Houston. I will update the Blog as soon as I get some news (probably Tuesday).....On another note, I did try Acupuncture this week for the first time. I had a really good experience with it, so I have scheduled several more sessions. I got referred by my Aunt to a really cool dude(Eric Hartmann).....Its a little bit like Yoga for me though, I kind of laugh when they are doing some of the exercises like its hocus pocus or magic or something but all in all it was really cool and I left feeling good, more relaxed and "centered" ha ha.....Have a good weekend.



Patricia said...

Andrew: I've done acupuncture for numerous years and it's great - and I don't like needles! Keep going - it gets better each time! How is your chi?

Eric said...

We worked @ US Bank & then Key together. And we played a bit at the Knights of Columbus. The guys all ask about you. keep the faith.
(and drop by on a monday night to catch up with us all)
my ph# 206 954 6237

David B. Schwartz said...

Well Dru keep up the FAITH and good attitude, and if i remember correctly you were not much for stretching during your hoop days, so i could only imagine the yoga days...

May G-d continue to bless you with happiness, faith, and healing, to one of his true soldiers.