Thursday, March 31, 2011

Test Update/Chemo 31 complete


I had a Cat Scan a week plus ago at MD Anderson. The results were solid for now. We stopped the larger abdominal tumor from its uptick in growth per the previous two scans, and all other areas were deemed stable. Good News for now, both my doctors were pleased with these latest results, calling it a "good visit/scan." I think I am now at a point were I can tell when I am having "growth" or lack of growth in that particular area of my stomach. Its been feeling a lot better with this latest mix of chemo.

I just completed my 31st round of chemo this past Sunday. No reports of pain, low blood counts, or any other major issues. Just the usual tiredness for a few days following due to all the hardcore medicines, and lack of sleep in hospital. I'm feeling positive right now that my body is able to continue to go on week after week with this stuff. More later but just wanted to make sure everybody was up to speed with the latest test results. I will begin Round 32 on Tuesday April 12.


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Laurie and Alan said...

2 thumbs up over here. : ) Prayed for you last night.