Monday, December 5, 2011

A big Thank You

Thank you to each and every person who participated in Andrew's service, as well as the hundreds who attended. We have heard from so many of you that the service deeply impacted you. We hope you continue to honor Andrew with a positive outlook on life and a smile on your face. It was really wonderful to see everyone, especially those who flew in from all around the country!

Who had fun at The Garage Saturday night? I know I did! We had a great turnout and it was a great way to end a day full of honoring and remembering Andrew.

A staff member of the UW Husky Men's Basketball team contacted me last week to let me know they will be honoring Andrew tomorrow night during their game against Marquette at the Jimmy V Classic, held in Madison Square Garden in NYC. The UW players will wear a patch with Andrew's initials. Our family is very honored and touched the team is doing this for Andrew. Watch the game tomorrow night if you can! You can read a brief blog post about it here.

I'm not sure exactly which direction this blog will head. But definitely keep it in your reader, (or check back here for updates if you simply check the blog address the old fashioned way!) as we will certainly keep you informed and updated of anything that we may be doing in Andrew's name. I may continue to post pictures as well. Especially ones that did not make it into the slide show.

Again, thank you for helping us remember Andrew's life in a truly remarkable way.


Michelle L. said...

Thank you thank you thank you for the wonderful memorial for Andrew this past weekend. It has been difficult processing Andrew's passing, but getting to see how much love, laughter & happiness can be generated just by remembering him helped me to know that Andrew's "impact" can and will continue. He has already inspired me to try & make each day the best it can be.

Your family is truly amazing and I wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, if you can keep this up it will comfort people, and be a great place for you all to blast things that come to mind about Andrew. God bless you all and I know everyone that comes here loves you all very much. We miss our buddy, selfishly.

Anonymous said...

Just saw the segment on Andrew during the game. Very touching gesture on the Huskies part!

Jason in St. Louis

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooo much for this Elizabeth. I hope the blog will stay up as I feel like it can keep us connected to Andrew in our own special way. Some of us have checked this blog weekly for 3 years, I feel like I speak for many when I say it has become a part of our support Andrew routine, plus it's nice to go back and read when we miss him. :) Again thank you so much for keeping us all informed all of these years. So much love to you!

Alisa Garcia

Anonymous said...

The service for Andrew was amazing and I'm so glad I could be there for it. A very insprring weekend. I will definitely keep checking the blog! Thanks for everything Elizabeth!