Friday, February 27, 2009

In case you missed it...

Andrew did a sweet radio interview on KJR with the "Gas Man" last night before the Husky game. This is a link to the Gas Man's audio page and then if you scroll down the page you should see Andrew's name to hear the interview.

The bracelet sales went really well at the game last night! The fans were really excited about them and so we sold a couple hundred!

Also, we talked to Jim Moore and Andrew will be having his picture taken in St Lou this weekend so the PI article won't show up until next week on Monday or Tuesday. We will post a link as soon as it runs in the paper.


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spencer1967 said...

Andrew,You are the Exceptional Symbol Of Excellence!!!! We all understand that you are inevitably filled anxiety, questions,and misapprehensions... so Ellen Margaret,Claire Robyn,and Beth do not want you to be discouraged or let your dreams go is not about good fortune, or luck, or is all about us believing in you and you never losing sight of believieving in yourself..beyond your circumstance!!!! We all Love you very much and your precious family. We send all of you courage, strength, and confidence and a very srong will. With Love and Prayer Ellen Margaret,Claire, Robyn,and Beth..We are your cheer leaders!!!!!!