Monday, February 23, 2009

Urgent Need for Volunteers!!

Hi all- we just got cleared to sell Andrew's bracelets at the last four remaining Husky basketball games!! There is a game this Thursday against ASU at 8pm. The game on this Saturday against Arizona starts at noon. The other two games are against Seattle U, March 3, and WSU, on March 7.

We would like to have 4-8 volunteers per game. They are providing us with a table, so we would like to get a couple people to man the table while the other volunteers walk around the pavilion getting people pumped up to buy some bracelets! PLUS- you will get free entrance to these sold out bball games! :)

Please email me ASAP if you are able to work at any of these games- it will be a really great chance to sell a lot of bracelets for Andrew!

Also, Andrew should be posting a new entry with an update on completing his second round of chemo tonight or in the morning. He is currently back home in St. Louis recuperating. For those in Seattle- check out the PI in the morning, Jim Moore has written an article about Andrew that should be printed in tomorrow's paper.


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Anonymous said...

Wanted to put a comment out to see if anyone has seen the article that was going to be posted in the PI? I have been monitoring it and can't seem to find it. Please share the link if anyone has it.

- mikeD