Saturday, June 13, 2009

Good Food is Priceless!


I wanted to give everyone a quick update as I wound down Round 7 of treatment on Monday of this week. The round went by without any hitches, or minor issues, so that was really a blessing. I felt a lot better during this round than I have in many of the previous cycles so it went by pretty quickly. I think the round was easier for me by getting out and about and doing more interacting. It was really fun to catch up with a great friend of mine from middle/high school Brian Nemitz, and his wife Ivette. They were in town (Houston) for a family event, and we got to spend time with them over breakfast. Thanks guys we had a blast, you rock! Also, My good bud Micah was in Houston for a couple days with his work, and he swung by my hotel for breakfast and some good jokes to keep me cheered up. Thanks Micah for the drop off at the hospital too, you were a good luck charm! Had lots of laughs the night before my pet scan with Carl-great food at the Capital Grille definitely hit the spot!

My sister Martha and her son Henry have been with me here in St.Louis since Tuesday helping me out. Its been so cool to have them, Martha has been a wonderful help, and she is an amazing cook! Its been fun to lay low with my sis and catch up, all while eating whatever yummy assortment she has thought up for the day! Marthy you are the bomb!! They are leaving in the morning back to Seattle. We will post pictures of the weekend in an upcoming post. I have been feeling a lot better (no side effects) this recovery week other then being really tired(sleeping a lot tue, wed, thu)and this weekend marks my low point on my blood counts. Hopefully we can avoid that fever that got me into the hospital last round! A special thanks to EBC old friends who continue to be very faithful with notes/emails (Patricia K, Sue L, Bob S) I appreciate the prayer and thoughtfulness....That's all for now, as you can see FOOD was my theme of this post, it seemed to tie a lot of good times together to make for a good round of chemo!



uncle bones said...

Speaking of food, do you know where I can get some good Thai... You know that dish with a cockroach in it, mmmm

Debbie said...

Hey USB folks in STL! Listen to Andrew's interview on KJR sports radio...really great to hear him talk! Hey Andrew need you back in the the allstar game here and I'm pretty sure we can find a ticket for you.