Monday, June 1, 2009


Andrew flies to Houston tomorrow evening and will be there for at least a few days. On Thursday June 4th he meets with his doctor and we will have an idea as to what the next month will look like. We will share the news once we hear it!

I arrived home late last night from a quick-but-wonderful trip to St. Louis. I was able to meet a few of Andrew's friends, see where his office is and spend lots of time hanging with Andrew. His energy was still pretty low - so our fun schedule consisted of eating, sitting, laughing and talking. Here are a few pictures to enjoy:

Also, I spoke with Andrew this afternoon and he had another blood draw this morning. His counts had gone up even more and he said he was feeling a lot better than he did this weekend. He sounded like he had a lot more energy and he was even able to work the whole day. All good news!

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Julie said...

I love the picture of the kids! So great to meet you, Elizabeth and Riley!