Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our trip to St Louis

Hi all- Henry and I made a trip out to St Louis last week to visit Andrew. Henry did awesome on the plane- his first big plane ride! We had a great time hanging out with Andrew- we were with him at the time when his counts and energy are at the lowest, so we did a lot of laying low at his house, making food, watching Henry learn to walk and of course cracking jokes! No fevers or hospital trips this round, so that was a huge blessing! Andrew was taking lots of time to just rest, recuperate, drink lots of fluids and eat really well- so all of that seemed to help him avoid another hospital trip.
By the end of the trip, I could say DREW! and Henry would respond DUUUU! It was priceless... we love you lots Uncle Drew!

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the o's said...

nice job taking such good care of uncle drew, martha! love the pics and i'm so glad he has such a wonderful family! always praying for you, andrew! xoxo, the oranen's