Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chemotherapy Week this week--#33


I'm mid week now in my current treatment. I cannot believe it's been 33 rounds so far, and nearing 2.5 years! As I have said in some previous posts regarding my current treatment plan I stay overnight in the hospital for 6 days so that can be a bit of a grind. I've gotten used to it though, and the staff and facilities are great here (Swedish hospital.) I am on day 3 so far, and it's gone a lot better this round then last with regards to how I am feeling. I have made an effort to eat better and be more active the last month or so and I think it's really paying off when I do the chemo treatments. Thank you to those that have visited and brought me yummy foods from the outside world, hospital food is tough for longer stretches. All is good though today from inside the chemo world! I Hope everyone is having a great week.



P Nelson said...

Too bad you are a grown up. I work at Seattle Children's and we have GREAT food! Glad to hear you are doing well this round!

Alisa said...

Yahoo!! You are a warrior!!

Michelle Low said...

Drew - next time you're at Swedish, let me know. I work there and would love to say hi if you're up for visitors!