Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Scan Results from May 3rd

I was at MD Anderson last week for a scan and meeting with my doctor. The visit overall was solid. Everything went really smooth. The scan results were kind of a tie. Really no growth or shrinkage to mention either way with the tumors. Disease was stable and controlled in the abdominal area. My doctor and I really didn't spend to much time analyzing the scans this time. We kind of just caught up on each others personal lives, then she told me I was going to do 2 more rounds of current treatment plan, and I would see her in 8 weeks for another scan. So goes my life for now, I feel really positive and strong right now though. Best I have felt in the two + years process.

Thanks as always for everybodys support!



Laura said...

Good news Andrew. I am praying for you and love your positive attitude. God bless you as you continue this journey. Love, Laura

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear you are feeling strong and positive right now! It was great to see that picture of you and Matt a few weekes ago. I hope things continue to go well!