Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thinking About My Mom



I wanted to check in this morning and do a short update in regards to my mother. About 4+ weeks ago my family learned that my mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Certainly shocking news for a family that has gone thru a lot with cancer over the past couple of years. This week she underwent successful surgery at Swedish hospital to remove both tumors from her left side. She did great during the whole surgical process and is home recovering now. We are expecting complete recovery and a cancer free body after this process. I wanted to thank several groups who have been instrumental in helping our family during this time. First off to my four sisters, you have all been so great the last couple of weeks with everything you have done to help mom thru this and make this as easy as possible for her. Also to the groups of people at Emmanuel Bible Church, Wedgewood Swim Pool, Washington Middle School, and the numerous other family and close friends who have brought food, flowers, cards, messages to lighten the load, and make for a smooth recovery--Our family appreciates you with all of our heart. Please keep my mother in your prayers as she continues to be on the mend from surgery, and back to normal life!

Have a great Weekend,



Alyssa mommy said...

I hope your mom had a speedy recovery! You and your family should be in for some good luck soon. Maybe you should start playing the lotto!

Laurie and Alan said...

Your Mom and the entire family have been in our prayers and in our thoughts Andrew.

Laurie and Alan

Ginger said...

Thinking of you and your mom Andrew! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear that your mom is doing well! I'll be thinking about all of you and wishing her a speedy recovery!