Thursday, October 20, 2011

Catheter Procedure

I wanted to let everyone know that Andrew's catheter surgery went well today. It was very quick and painless and Andrew was home by 5:30 tonight. We all have to learn in the next few days how to help him drain it, so hopefully this will bring him some more relief. He is fairly sore from the procedure and continues to be in pain and cramping.

Andrew hopes to be able to attend the race on Saturday. If he is there he looks forward to saying hello to everyone he can. If you don't get a chance to say hi to Andrew, please know he is so thankful for your support. You may have to get through the Moritz sister body guards to get to him!!!


Anonymous said...

HSI - Health Sciences Institute has excellent information for alternative cures.

ashlee said...

This is very informative using a catheter was very useful for my surgery.

Mercedes said...

This was a supporting post. I recently had surgery myself and even though it was painful, I still feel less pain than I did. The Rochester catheter/s were comfortable and helped me to progress my health and recovery. Thanks for the inspiration and I hope Andrew is feeling much better!