Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First day in Canada

Ryan Hueter, of The Daily, wrote a great article about the MVP 5k race that was published today. Click here to read it or find it in The Daily of the University of Washington. Thank you for the nice article!

Andrew arrived in BC last night and completed his first two treatments today (oxygen therapy & hyperthermia therapy) at the health clinic. I'm waiting to hear how it all went, but I did receive an awesome picture of Andrew receiving his oxygen therapy. He looked like a spaceman with a helmet-like contraption and hoses hooked up to it. I know, not very medical sounding, but I'm only receiving second-hand information so I will try to get some more technical information and post when I can!

I found a nice cottage for Andrew to stay in that is just a few minutes away from the clinic. He is very pleased with the accommodations so far. It is peaceful and in a quiet neighborhood. The owner, who lives next door, is a professional gardener so the garden space is gorgeous. It is serene and peaceful and just the place for Andrew.


the o's said...

i am so excited to hear more about his treatment - thanks for keeping us all in the loop. and the cottage sounds just perfect for him - i am praying this is a time of peace and hope for andrew!!! xoxo

julie said...

I used to see Gurdev Parmar when I was attending TWU, and working beside them at Wendell's. He and his wife are just so lovely- and fantastic Doctors. So glad they're taking good care of your brother and hope they can bring him some relief and comfort. We're praying for your family!