Friday, January 30, 2009

andrew day #3 chemotherapy - from mom

every day andrew and I go to "work" or at least that is how it seems to me as I walk thru this process of being at MD anderson with andrew. It seems like another world here..full of appointments and schedules to keep, running from one hospital to the next. I watch as all kind of things are done to my son and all kind of medications are put into him. and I am amazed (but not really) how he is the same andrew that we all know and love. every nurse or doctor that takes care of him he makes laugh, every cancer patient he sits next to he engages in conversation, every person in the elevators or the mass amounts of hallways he has a good word for. I see how he encourages with a joke or a smile all he comes in contact with and I am proud of him as his mom for his humor and his courage. I am proud of him for the man he has become--always motivating others to do great or feel great about who they are. I see how much strength and courage he gets from all of you who love and support him. thank you for all of your prayers, love and support. it is what sustains us.

Andrew has one more full day of chemo for the first round. we both look forward to today (friday) when he gets to be "unplugged" from the 24hr bag of chemo that runs thru his system and the final day of being hooked up to the five hours of additional chemo that runs thru.his body But now he has medical people that begin to look forward to having him as a patient because they know it will be a :"great day to fight cancer"


K Lew said...

Thanks for sharing that, I can only imagine how Andrew can light up a place like that on a daily basis.


Anonymous said...

Andrew: So proud to hear of how well you have done for week one of your treatment. The results are going to be equally wonderful. Keep that positive attitude going that you always have. Will miss your smiling face at Duffy's for the Super Bowl But will have one for you. Harlan

Anonymous said...

I do not have the words except to say all who come in contact with the great Andrew are changed forever!!! See you soon bro,


Anonymous said...

I am not surprised by your determination, strength, courage, or your will to socialize ;0) wherever you go. You are so amazing and you inspire me to be a better person everyday!

Amanda Lawrence said...

I am loving the is so inspirational to hear of such positivity in the face of a beast like cancer. It challenges me. Thanks.
And also thanks for keeping us all in the loop. It really helps when thinking of what and how to pray for you.
Please know that we gotcha covered in here in the Pacific Ocean; my BSF group and I are praying for you!

Amanda Lawrence

Anonymous said...

Hey White Shadow,
Ben told me about your fight right now and please know that we are all praying for you. You have taken money and bragging rights away from me the past two years in fantasy football and I look forward to beating your butt next year! Maybe this year I will wise up and decide to split the winnings between 1st and 2nd place before you win it all!!
Brook Videtich

Anonymous said...

Andrew and MOM...know that we all are praying for you regularly, even if we don't post enough! Hugs to you both and keep looking up and smiling. No matter what is done to our bodies, we can know we have an amazing God who loves and cares for our every need (said STILL in my neck brace!!). Take care, Patti (& Scott) Thielen