Wednesday, January 21, 2009


First of all, isn't this a stellar picture of Andrew? Not only was he destined to be a Husky from the beginning, but a clothing connoisseur as well.

Andrew has been back in St. Louis since last Friday 1/16. He spent the weekend with friends, doing "normal" life events and also working out an enormous amount of details. After much thought, prayer & discussion, Andrew has decided to receive treatment at MD Anderson Hospital in Houston. His doctor recommended that Andrew stay in Houston for the first two "cycles" of chemo. As Tyler explained, a cycle consists of 4 days of chemo and 17 days of recovery. Andrew will fly to Houston first thing Monday morning 1/26 for orientation at 10am. They will also insert the catheter into his shoulder at this time. He will then begin chemo on Tuesday 1/27. Chemo will not require Andrew to stay over-night in the hospital, so he will be renting an apartment for the month he is down there. Someone will be with him at all times. We have several people lined up already, but if you are interested in taking care of Andrew while he is in Houston, please email me at

Andrew's doctor recommends that he receive 6-8 cycles of chemo in Houston and then they will discuss other treatment options. We have to understand how rare Andrew's cancer is. There are not many oncologists who know how to administer the specific type of chemo required for his cancer. MD Anderson specializes in sarcoma cancers and if an oncologist does not treat this specific type of cancer, they will not know what side effects to look for. Andrew's doctor currently is treating 3 other people with DSRCT. At this time, we feel Andrew going to Houston is the best option for treatment.

The bracelets have been ordered and we expect them towards the end of next week. We will send them to our designated bracelet sellers at that point. I know all of you are anxious and sit tight and we will have them soon! Thank you for your excitement!

As Andrew begins this journey, there are many unknowns and a lot to fear. Now is the time to rally behind Andrew and let him know how much we love him. All of our hearts are heavy, but if we stand together on his journey, we will share the burden. Please continue to do an amazing job of showing Andrew the love. He reads every single comment, email and text - so keep them coming.


Laurie and Alan said...

Hi Andrew, please know you are being prayed for non-stop over here!

Laurie and Alan

Siobhan said...

Drew, although there is a long road ahead. Always know we are all here to root you on. You have so much support and we all know you are going to beat this..if you need anything..don't hesitate..even if it's at 3:00 travels..siobhan

Dick Douglas said...

Here's thinking about you - wishing you the best.

Jonathan said...

Andrew you our in our thoughts and prayers more than ever at this time. We wish you all the best in the coming days and are there for you whatever you may need.

Jonathan, Julie, Skylar and Elaina

Koop said...

I think that you were just looking for an excuse to avoid my SuperBowl party. What a lame excuse.
All thoughts are with you next week. Kick this thing's ass big guy.

Mike and Heather Amato said...

Andrew, like you said you and Dr. Anderson are gonna make some HISTORY!!! We are praying for you everyday!!
Love ya, The Amato's

PS. Thanks for the teddy bear for Morgan/Chase????, you are soooo sweet friend!!!!

Melissa Erickson said... totally weren't lying that you had that Husky hat!!! Stay up Drew, you can do this!!!

Aleah said...

Phil & I are praying for you!

Snoqualmie Mike said...

Drewskie -

You know Snoqualmie Mike (Snoqueeeeeze) is prayin for ya. Head up and lets put a triple double up on these cats. Call if you need anything. Love ya bro!

- MikeD

Anonymous said...


You are in my thoughts and prayers bro. When you beat this, we got some hoops to shoot in STL!

Jason F

Rachael said...

Still prayering for you Drew. I know Jon has been talking to you but I wanted to let you know that I'm also thinking of you. Stay strong and positive and everything will be just fine.

Missy said...

Drew: Keep fighting, you got many cheering you on and we are all by your side. Sending you lots of love and support.

Anonymous said...

sending the love to you andrew moritz!!!-casey (verdieck) phillips

Anonymous said...

Andrew; It was great seeing your smiling face at Duffy,s for the playoff. Stay strong and keep positive as you are everything is going to come out rose. Love ya, Harlan

Kalimac said...

Just want to leave you a message of encouragement and to let you know that you are not alone with this disease. There are others who have gone down this path and have set up an online support group for patients and families or anyone who would like more information.

We wish you well as you start your treatment .. you are not alone.

Patty R
DSRCT Yahoo Group

Anonymous said...

I believe!

Trix (A PC Oldtimer)