Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A good laugh for the day


Paul Beeman said...

Yo Yo, What up Dawg....sorry, I get a little weird during American Idol season.

Anyway, I'm anxiously awaiting your return to the office, after you take care of this bump in the road. Besides the fact that it's always a little more boring when you're out, Kipper really needs someone to keep him in line. You should see the parties he's been throwing in your office. It's really gotten out of control. I'll probably have to call the ethics line.

You're in our prayers, and there's no doubt in my mind that you'll be back sooner than later.

Debbie said...

Hey Pal!

Still have that Annual Pinnacle Trophy cluttering up your old office! USB folk know what that is.

Get well soon so you can come back and give me more room for my financials :)

Anonymous said...


Just got my invite for that party in your office from Kipper!!!


Jonathan Diehl said...

Nice shorts there Magnum P.I.!

LOL, j/k man. Will miss you at Vegas Pinnacle next month but want to see you there next year after you beat this thing! I'll have a In & Out burger for ya...

TDawg27 said...

Hey Drew, I just heard the news today. If there is someone who will beat this I know it will be you. I wish you strength and good luck fighting this off. I know you will beat this.

Tom Hanson

Heather Earnhardt said...

So, I didn't get invited to this party with Kipper & Beeman in your office haaa!!! But would you please tell Beeman to get back to Ballwin and sell something already haaa!!! It's all your fault Andrew...all I think about is sales!! SMASH!!! Will miss your ass in Vegas! We will have a toast on your behalf.

Jon and Julie said...

LMAO!!!! I am not sure what to say, by process of elimination you must be #3, sweet socks all you need is the 80's shorts and it's the greatest uni of all time. GO CAYA & GO DREW!!

Anonymous said...


Greg Anderson here. I've been following your blog and thinking nothing but good thoughts. But after seeing this picture of "the squad" I was inspired to comment. People don't understand that this team could probably compete with most college teams. If you recall I played on the team just under you all in age. I remember some of the guys on my team used to immitate your unorthodox shooting style, and while standing somewhere between half court and the pro-three point line, lanuch the ball towards the rim and yell "Drew for three!" You're the man.

I'll continue to follow the blog and if you want to see what is happening with me here is our link:


Greg Anderson

Anonymous said...

R U D Y R U D Y R U D Y R U D Y!!

Anonymous said...


I am very sorry that we did not get to see you while you were in St Louis. Kirk has kept us up to date though. As you know, Keith and I are survivors. We know that you can do it. I will keep my line of prayers going for you and we know that you can beat it. You are a very special person, Drew. I am giving you a big mamaspeez hug right now and always.

Love you,

Mama and Papa Speez

Anonymous said...

The Paul family is praying for the top DAWG! Love you!Andrew!!

Ben, Justin, Jared and Eileen