Monday, November 21, 2011


Andrew was fairly uncomfortable through the night and has been mostly sleeping today. He said yesterday that he had a good day, so thank you to everyone who was there visiting, watching the game and bringing us good food. Thank you Aunt Ingrid for all the goodies!

I am struggling to find a balance between respecting Andrews privacy and wanting to provide everyone with all the details of how he is doing. So if I am vague or brief, please know that I am trying to respect Andrew and think about what he would want me to say. He has been and always will be my greatest coach and boss (my sisters and I always joke that we are all his assistants), so I am trying to lean on the wisdom he's given me during this time where we are speaking for him. Please know I will post information when it is necessary.

Again, thank you for all the prayers, strength and love. There has been a huge outpouring these past few days.


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, you cannot begin to know how much we appreciate your openness and regular upates about Andrew and his journey. We respect your privacy and Andrew's. Please know that Andrew and his family are always in our thoughts and prayers. I believe in miracles! And I pray for one.
Love, Linda Scanlon (Siobhan's mom)

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, I just learned about Andrew's condition tonight through Glen. As a family member of a cancer patient myself, I can appreciate the whole range of emotions that this illness causes. I think this blog is great and please know that I and my family will be praying for you and yours. Kerrie