Monday, November 7, 2011


Not the best quality picture, but I think Andrew looks so cute! He's wearing his new hat that Martha brought him this weekend. Andrew has been doing well these last few days. He feels like he's getting some more energy and looks like he's gaining some weight back in his face and upper body. Today he slept though his entire oxygen therapy treatment and came out smiling. The staff at the clinic wanted to know what Andrew did this past weekend because they couldn't believe how well Andrew looked today and said his eyes and skin color looked less jaundice. One of the doctors commented on how well he's been handling the treatments. Andrew meets with Dr. Parmar tomorrow and they will discuss his lab results, how the treatments are going and hopefully he will answer some questions we have. We are hoping the labs show good sodium levels.

My daughter Sonja and I are headed up to Canada Wednesday night to help take care of Andrew until our mother can get there Thursday night. Andrew says he's excited to see Sonja...hopefully he feels that way when she wakes up at 6:30am! I'm sure her adorable smile will excuse any faults she may have (like completely taking apart and destroying an entire house!)

Hope your week is off to a great start.


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the o's said...

love this pic!! andrew looks really good! so happy to hear he's having a good week. looking forward to hearing how the appt went.

Anonymous said...

Andrew, we are so happy to hear things are going well in Canada! I read some of the info on the website for the Ukrain and wow - very encouraging results! Hoping your mood is good and your energy is improving. Sending all of our love, prayers and good juju your way!

the Kelley's in STL