Saturday, November 19, 2011

The past 24 hours

There is a lot to report from the last 24 hours. Andrews condition has dramatically declined. Andrew fell in the bathroom yesterday morning due to no strength in his legs and numb feet. We decided he needed to be checked out in Seattle so we brought him to the ER last night around 7. They ran some tests and found his potassium and creatine levels to be high which was causing irregular heart rhythms. He also had low blood pressure and low sodium levels. They admitted him to the ICU last night which is where he is now. I am writing this in the car- we are en route to see him. Please pray for Andrew that he can be comfortable and that his mind can be at rest. He has been very upset with this change of events.

I will post more once we see him. Please direct all communication to myself or Martha. He is not in a place to be responding to texts, etc. And please check back here as I will update when I have more information.


Joe Cuker said...

Many prayers coming from St. Louis.

Anonymous said...

You are all in my thoughts and prayers.


Casey M. said...

We love you so much Andrew. Positive Thoughts, Prayers, and Calming Energy.

Anonymous said...

We're praying for you, Andrew.

-The Binghams

Jason said...

To Andrew and the entire Moritz family, you are in my thoughts here in St.Louis.