Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Here are the pictures I promised:


This is Andrew receiving the hyperthermia treatment as well as chemo


Andrew in the hypberbaric oxygen treatment

I was able to visit Andrew today for the afternoon. It took me 1 hour, door to door, so it was a quick and easy trip. Andrew had his treatments this morning, so when I was there about noon he said he was feeling the best he'd felt all week since being in Canada. He said he felt good after the treatments and didn't feel so groggy. The antibiotics have really helped his sore throat. He continues to have fluid build up in his feet, so I was able to massage some of the fluid out while I was there. He is extremely exhausted though, and would doze off during our conversations. Which is amazing considering the volume level of my children. He told me again how peaceful he feels up there, so I was really glad to hear that. It's been easiest for him to sleep in the living room on the fold out futon, so he lays next to a big picture window and is able to look outside to the beautiful fall trees.

That is all for now. I hope everyone is having a great week.

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Mark Osborn said...

Thanks for this Elizabeth. Im a friend of Andrew's from St Louis. Love the guy. We usually text chat but he's so involved there. You are awesome for keeping is informed and being a great sister to him. Much love to you all.

Mark Osborn